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Love Burpees

January’s FREE Challenge is called 21 Day Keep Calm & Love Burpees. From 1/4 – 1/24 we will build up by 5’s each day. There are links showing various types of burpees based on your desired intensity level. Please consider your own fitness level, medical conditions, and comfort with this move. The focus of this challenge is not before/after pics or your weight, but the focus is on your solid commitment to doing the exercise for all 21 days AND your engagement with us on Facebook. If you do your burpees each day and post on our event page then you have succeeded.


The movement involved in performing traditional burpees utilize all major muscle groups. This is why I love this move so much. It gives max results using only your body weight! Livestrong has a great article on the benefits, modifications, etc. If burpees are new to you or you have reasons you need to modify the moves, please checkout this Livestrong article. Doing burpees burns a lot of calories! “Your weight, metabolism, duration and intensity are the determining factors for the number of calories burned while performing this exercise, but Expert Clinic suggests that a person weighing 130 pounds can burn approximately 472 calories doing burpees for two minutes”, according to a Livestrong article.

5 Reasons to Love Burpees

  1. They burn a ton of calories. Research shows that calisthenics (i.e. burpees) burns 50% more fat than moderate exercise.
  2. They build strength. This exercise uses all major muscle groups.
  3. They build endurance. Not only do you build muscle, but you improve your cardiovascular system as well. This is great for runners or anyone who ever has to go up a flight of stairs.
  4. They require no equipment nor gym membership. Need I say more!
  5. They can be added to any workout. To crank up the intensity to a workout or between sets if you’re lifting add a round of burpees. That’ll increase your heart rate in no time.

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