Eat More Water


Your body needs water to operate most effectively and efficiently. Water aids the smallest internal processes on a cellular level and even impact major systems like your circulatory system. Water improves your vision (reduces dry eyes), your skin and your hair. Water is vital to survive. It even helps us poo better. Yep! I said it! LOL But, it really does allow that process to work better. Want to know more about the benefits of water? Check out this WebMD article, “Why Drink More Water? 6 Reasons to Drink Water.

The easiest way to know how much water you need is to use a calculator. Don’t go by the old adage of a generic 8 cups of water a day because every person is different. We all have varying ranges of exercises or live in different climates and we all weigh different amounts. So, the best thing to do is to use an easy calculator. I used the calculator and I was very shocked by what I saw! So, I will increase my intake TODAY!


1. Grab a reusable container and fill it up!

2. Order water with every meal and drink it first.

3. Consume fruits & veggies with high water content. has a great list!

For more info on eating your water click here.



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ob·sta·cle [ óbstək’l

Oh my, do I have obstacles getting in my way from achieving my goals. Whether the obstacles are external, like lack of time, children, work, etc. or internal, like fear, tiredness, etc., in one way or another obstacles impede my ability to accomplish what has been set before me. True enough these are all excuses, and we all know that excuses get us nowhere. Acknowledging that doesn’t make them any less difficult to overcome.

So how do you get goals accomplished knowing there will be obstacles?

That is most definitely the challenge. Obstacles will present themselves when you reach to accomplish any goal – no matter how great or small. These obstacles will also vary from person to person. What is easy for me to overcome will not be what is easy for you to overcome. What I see as an obstacle, you may not and vice versa. With all that said, there are still ways for us to overcome obstacles and reach our desired outcome.


1. Take it to God.

Yep, you’ve heard it before. Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there. Well, it’s true. That’s the place to take any obstacle. The trouble with this statement though is that it’s easier said than done. Psalm 55 is a great chapter to read for many reasons, but verse 22 is the message I want you to receive. The easiest way to take an obstacle/burden to the Lord is to release control. Recognize He is in control and not you. Once you release the reigns have faith that he will pick them up. Afterall, He is a faithful God.

2. Break it way down.

Whatever the obstacle or challenge it can be overcome by breaking down the steps or the concept in such a way that you can manage. For example, when your goal is to graduate from college, it can be very daunting to think in terms of the end result – the diploma. After all, getting the diploma means applying to school, getting accepted, possibly moving, paying for college, picking courses, buying books and supplies, and the list goes all. There are so many things you would have to do in order to graduate that it may seem impossible to overcome that obstacle. Instead, start at the first step. Consider taking the SAT/ACT, if required. Prep for that. Take that exam. Get your score. Complete college applications…and so on… By taking things one step at a time, it prevents frustration, anxiety and self-defeating attitudes.

Learn more about breaking down goals here.

3. Prepare for the storm.

Understand that there won’t always be sunshine. In order for the flowers to grow, there must be rain. Flowers bloom out of the dirt. Nothing is pretty about that, but they are determined to blossom – and they do. With that same vigor and tenacity prepare yourself to have to blossom in what may be some tough conditions. Expecting everything to be easy or without challenge only sets yourself up for disaster. Likewise, fearing the worse and living with a negative mindset is also catastrophic. So, the point here is to know that regardless what may come your way you will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. You will succeed.

Keri Outsey

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Motivated Monday

Motivated Monday is all about putting action to your dreams. What have you been dreaming of doing? This can be a very simple goal or a very complex one. It really doesn’t matter. Motivated Mondays are all about putting action to those things that you desire most. It could be that you want to declutter your family room or redecorate your growing toddler’s bedroom or complete a college degree or move to another country. Again, it really doesn’t matter what that goal is. All that counts is what steps you are taking today to get that done.

Most of us have heard that goals need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely). That’s all well and good, but you don’t actually move towards the goal, then having a goal that meets the SMART criteria really makes no difference. The difference maker is YOU! It’s the action you take towards your goals.

So, Mondays should become Motivational Mondays for you because it is yet an opportunity for you to reach new heights. This doesn’t mean you will always achieve your goal immediately (maybe for simple goals like cleaning the kitchen, but bigger goals will take longer). Have patience with yourself and the process. As many have said, break down large goals into small pieces. Well, I’m here to say you may need to break down small goals into little pieces because it may be a huge challenge for your to accomplish that goal. It doesn’t matter that the goal is small. If it is something that you see as difficult or daunting, then it still may be necessary to break it up into pieces that you can wrap your mind around. For example, I don’t like cleaning my daughter’s room because there are so many small toys and she plays in makeup and it’s everywhere and she changes clothes like 3 times a day (because a girl can’t just wear one outfit, right!) and basically there is just stuff EVERYWHERE! For me that is overwhelming. For her dad, he does a clean sweep and it’s all straightened. So while it is a relatively simple goal (versus something like climbing Mt. Everest), I have to break down the steps. I will go in and pick up all her bows and hair things. Then, I will put up all her stuffed animals and books, etc. I do this until I turn around the room is clean. If I don’t break up how I clean her room, I will sit in the middle of the floor freaking out looking at all the clutter. (OK, there may be a touch of anxiety going on there, but you get the point.)

Today is Motivated Monday. What are you doing today to reach your dreams?



Tabula Rasa

Tabula rasa

Many times over I’ve had to start over or build from the ground up. Whether it’s because of a move to a new city or starting a new job or becoming a first-time mom or become a new mom after 14 years, I’ve had to pull up my bootstraps, put one foot in front of the other, and persevere to get to the goal. Now is no different.

I’ve been blogging since 2010. In 2013, I decided to move my blog from a free WordPress site to a hosted blog. Then, this year I decided that the hosted blog was to technical for me. By no means am I a techie. A nerd? Yes. A techie? No. Because the new blog was getting too cumbersome for me, I decided that I would move my blog back to the free site & just point my domain to that site. By doing that (again, being the opposite of a techie), I lost all the new readership I had attracted. Who knew that’d happen!? LOL Probably a lot of people, but most importantly, I didn’t.

Now that I have lost my following and my content, I must start anew – again. My blog is a complete tabula rasa aka “blank slate”. Initially, I was upset. I thought about the years of content previously written and the readers that had found these written expressions of interest. I felt like I had really messed up and wondered how I’d regain the 1,000+ subscribers.

Then I remembered why I do this. I do this to share myself with others with the hope we all find inspiration, healing, empowerment, and more. I also remembered that I’ve been here before. I’ve been at the beginning. I’ve started over many times in life. And, while this would pose a challenge, I would write new content, gain new readers (and possibly regain old ones), and above all – it would be OK. This will not hold me back or hold me down.

And just like the Phoenix, I rise!