Eat More Water


Your body needs water to operate most effectively and efficiently. Water aids the smallest internal processes on a cellular level and even impact major systems like your circulatory system. Water improves your vision (reduces dry eyes), your skin and your hair. Water is vital to survive. It even helps us poo better. Yep! I said it! LOL But, it really does allow that process to work better. Want to know more about the benefits of water? Check out this WebMD article, “Why Drink More Water? 6 Reasons to Drink Water.

The easiest way to know how much water you need is to use a calculator. Don’t go by the old adage of a generic 8 cups of water a day because every person is different. We all have varying ranges of exercises or live in different climates and we all weigh different amounts. So, the best thing to do is to use an easy calculator. I used the calculator and I was very shocked by what I saw! So, I will increase my intake TODAY!


1. Grab a reusable container and fill it up!

2. Order water with every meal and drink it first.

3. Consume fruits & veggies with high water content. has a great list!

For more info on eating your water click here.



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