ob·sta·cle [ óbstək’l

Oh my, do I have obstacles getting in my way from achieving my goals. Whether the obstacles are external, like lack of time, children, work, etc. or internal, like fear, tiredness, etc., in one way or another obstacles impede my ability to accomplish what has been set before me. True enough these are all excuses, and we all know that excuses get us nowhere. Acknowledging that doesn’t make them any less difficult to overcome.

So how do you get goals accomplished knowing there will be obstacles?

That is most definitely the challenge. Obstacles will present themselves when you reach to accomplish any goal – no matter how great or small. These obstacles will also vary from person to person. What is easy for me to overcome will not be what is easy for you to overcome. What I see as an obstacle, you may not and vice versa. With all that said, there are still ways for us to overcome obstacles and reach our desired outcome.


1. Take it to God.

Yep, you’ve heard it before. Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there. Well, it’s true. That’s the place to take any obstacle. The trouble with this statement though is that it’s easier said than done. Psalm 55 is a great chapter to read for many reasons, but verse 22 is the message I want you to receive. The easiest way to take an obstacle/burden to the Lord is to release control. Recognize He is in control and not you. Once you release the reigns have faith that he will pick them up. Afterall, He is a faithful God.

2. Break it way down.

Whatever the obstacle or challenge it can be overcome by breaking down the steps or the concept in such a way that you can manage. For example, when your goal is to graduate from college, it can be very daunting to think in terms of the end result – the diploma. After all, getting the diploma means applying to school, getting accepted, possibly moving, paying for college, picking courses, buying books and supplies, and the list goes all. There are so many things you would have to do in order to graduate that it may seem impossible to overcome that obstacle. Instead, start at the first step. Consider taking the SAT/ACT, if required. Prep for that. Take that exam. Get your score. Complete college applications…and so on… By taking things one step at a time, it prevents frustration, anxiety and self-defeating attitudes.

Learn more about breaking down goals here.

3. Prepare for the storm.

Understand that there won’t always be sunshine. In order for the flowers to grow, there must be rain. Flowers bloom out of the dirt. Nothing is pretty about that, but they are determined to blossom – and they do. With that same vigor and tenacity prepare yourself to have to blossom in what may be some tough conditions. Expecting everything to be easy or without challenge only sets yourself up for disaster. Likewise, fearing the worse and living with a negative mindset is also catastrophic. So, the point here is to know that regardless what may come your way you will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. You will succeed.

Keri Outsey

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