Motivated Monday

Motivated Monday is all about putting action to your dreams. What have you been dreaming of doing? This can be a very simple goal or a very complex one. It really doesn’t matter. Motivated Mondays are all about putting action to those things that you desire most. It could be that you want to declutter your family room or redecorate your growing toddler’s bedroom or complete a college degree or move to another country. Again, it really doesn’t matter what that goal is. All that counts is what steps you are taking today to get that done.

Most of us have heard that goals need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely). That’s all well and good, but you don’t actually move towards the goal, then having a goal that meets the SMART criteria really makes no difference. The difference maker is YOU! It’s the action you take towards your goals.

So, Mondays should become Motivational Mondays for you because it is yet an opportunity for you to reach new heights. This doesn’t mean you will always achieve your goal immediately (maybe for simple goals like cleaning the kitchen, but bigger goals will take longer). Have patience with yourself and the process. As many have said, break down large goals into small pieces. Well, I’m here to say you may need to break down small goals into little pieces because it may be a huge challenge for your to accomplish that goal. It doesn’t matter that the goal is small. If it is something that you see as difficult or daunting, then it still may be necessary to break it up into pieces that you can wrap your mind around. For example, I don’t like cleaning my daughter’s room because there are so many small toys and she plays in makeup and it’s everywhere and she changes clothes like 3 times a day (because a girl can’t just wear one outfit, right!) and basically there is just stuff EVERYWHERE! For me that is overwhelming. For her dad, he does a clean sweep and it’s all straightened. So while it is a relatively simple goal (versus something like climbing Mt. Everest), I have to break down the steps. I will go in and pick up all her bows and hair things. Then, I will put up all her stuffed animals and books, etc. I do this until I turn around the room is clean. If I don’t break up how I clean her room, I will sit in the middle of the floor freaking out looking at all the clutter. (OK, there may be a touch of anxiety going on there, but you get the point.)

Today is Motivated Monday. What are you doing today to reach your dreams?




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